Land & Water Management

23-09-2008 Land & Water Management
The Southern African Development Community (SADC) formed in 1980 and consisting of 14 Member States needed a system that will provide planners and policy makers easy access to information necessary for revitalizing agricultural and natural resources growth, enhancing food security and promoting rural development.

  Land- and watermanagement issues have been identified to play a vital role in many aspects related to the economic well-being and growth of the Southern Africa region such as food security, agricultural production, soil sustainability and water resources' conservation.

This led to the development of the Land and Water Management Information System (LWMIS) and portal.

In this project Nieuwland had an active role by developing a webmapping application, used to visualize spatial information about the SADC Member States in a highly interactive and user-friendly way.

The Application is completely build with Open Source components and is Open GIS compliant. Using Mapbuilder for the Geo-portal and making information simultaneously published in Google Maps.
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